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Usually when we think of a beautiful moment in life, we go back to childhood, that stage of colors, fun and lots of good food, we spent our lives laughing and playing.

Mayté is that girl who grew up being happy, surrounded by love and the most exquisite but simple dishes, and later, she became a happy woman who seeks to paint smiles around the world.

She is the friend everyone wants to have, the one who welcomes everyone in their house or the one who leads the dance. Mayté makes sure that things turn out perfect, but above all, that people have fun.

She is romantic and in love, believes in the goodwill of people and dreams of a more human world and with eyes that always look to God.

In 2002 she was the first to bring what we know as “maduritos” to Miami because she wanted everyone to forget about the bad times while biting the snacks. Mayté's dream was for everyone to be as happy as she was as a child and as she is now.

That is why she works, because she loves her land, her products, the hands of the people who strive to bring quality, good taste and love to everyone's table every day. She has a humble soul because she grew up there and believes we are a world of people connected for good reasons.

Because she likes what she does and she thinks of you, she has the Non GMO certification for working with genetically unmodified products. In addition, she has the highest quality standards --because to spread fun around the world you must be very rigorous.

Mayté wants to accompany you in every moment of your life, from a stressful day at work or university, getting through a cold winter afternoon to the moments before that date you’ve been waiting for so long. Mayté puts the fun in every situation.

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Simply delicious and simply the best! What more could you want in a snack? Why choose between sweet, salty, or refreshing lemon when you can have it all. Try all of them now!!!!

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